Solimar Silo Fluidizer vs. The Competition

Solimar- The Original & Best Disk Fluidizer

  • Directional air flow
    Forces air to move along bin wall freeing up product
  • No airline plugging
    Tight seals prevent airline plugging
  • Robust design
    Superior silicone rubber prevents tears & moisture build up
  • Two sizes
    Standard: 4-inch diameter, Mini: 2-inch diameter for tight curvataures
  • Installs from the outside
    Fast-Fit and EZ-In mounting kits for external installation

Screen Aeration Pads

  • Fines clog fabric
  • Moisture buildup accelerates clogging, cannot be cleaned
  • Starts deteriorating immediately, eventually becoming completely clogged
  • Requires replacement multiple times per year depending on use

Booted Design Fluidizers

  • Inferior rubber compound tears easily
  • Inferior rubber requires flap/boot over air inlet holes to prevent product back flow
  • Flap/boot requires additional air pressure & air usage for same aeration diameter in hopper

"Spinning" Design

  • Air does not spin - marketing hype
  • Disk too large for tight radiuses
  • 'Fins' on inside of disk prone to cracking
  • After extended use fins seal poorly causing product back flow into air inlets

Ribbed Design

  • Inferior rubber compound tears easily
  • Contaminates product when disk detaches, splits or tears
  • Large disk won't seal in tight radisus
  • Retention clips break off on certain stems

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