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BFM Connectors

BFM Connectors

Leak-Free, Dust Free, Snap-Fit Connectors

BFM connectors, now available from Solimar Pneumatics, transform material conveying connectors from labor intensive hose clamps to snap-in fitting efficiency. In addition to providing a 100% leak and dust free connection, the BFM system eliminates hose clamped sleeves for faster cleaning and tool-free changeovers. The BFM system includes spigots and connectors in a full range of sizes for fast replacement and fewer production interruptions.

BFM Connectors

BFM®’s Seeflex connectors are made from clear, long-lasting ether based polyurethane that is memory-free and will not fracture with flexing or retain material. The innovative design results in a tighter fit under higher pressures, and the connectors have been explosion tested in excess of 19 psi. Removal of the fitting is accomplished in minutes, and the transparency of the connector material allows visual inspection of product flow.

BFM connectors are used in thousands of conveying applications and are manufactured to the highest standards. The standardized sizes guarantee a perfect fit every time. Customers realize a fast payback on the changeover to snap-in connectors through better hygiene, less dust, and a safer environment with a product that is more resistant to the demands of material handling than any other connector.

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Air Knocker

Solimar Air Knocker

Loosen sticky or compacted material with the impact of the Knocker piston. Adjustable force is provided by variable air pressure. The Knocker operates when compressed air presses a piston against the base plate resulting in vibration.

Add relay piping to operate multiple Knockers through one control valve and/or remotely operate.

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Solimar Metal Detectable Fluidizer


Quick Clean Sanitary Fluidizer Kit

Installs with Standard Tri-Clamp Equipment For Quick & Easy Cleaning

Sanitary Fluidizer Kit assemblies are ideal for installation in hoppers or bins that contain contaminant sensitive products and require frequent inspection and maintenance.

Solimar Metal Detectable FluidizerOnce installed, you can perform regular inspection and cleaning as required by any preventive maintenance program. All done from the outside, without confined space entry requirements, saving time and money.

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Metal Detectable Silo Fluidizer
Solimar Metal Detectable Fluidizer

Assure your products of zero contamination with the new metal detectable fluidizer disks. These unique fluidizes are designed for the dairy, pharmaceutical and food related industries.Standard 4-inch diameter and Mini two-inch diameter for use in bins, hoppers and silos or in pneumatic lines with tight curvature.

Solimar disks enjoy a long history of structural integrity – they are guaranteed not to tear. But when safety is paramount to your product, this is your only choice when zero contamination is a must.

Enjoy all the same benefits of Solimar’s superior aeration including uniform flow and discharge of dry bulk materials through aeration and hopper wall vibration. Can be combined with control systems for automated aeration during unloading (see below).

Note: Due to the impregnated ferrous oxide, the Metal Detectable Disk is only available in grey.

Download Metal Detectable  Fluidizer SpecsNew Mini FluidizerInsist on genuine Solimar disks with
the trademarked Radial Ridge Design


Solimar Fast-Fit™ Kit
Solimar Fast-Fit Kit

For OEMs or retrofits, here is another useful way to incorporate the family of Solimar fluidizers into your silo, bin or hopper. Simply drill a two-inch diameter hole, (1-1/8" for Mini-Fluidizer), feed the fluidizer disk through from the outside of the silo, attach the remaining pieces and secure with the nut. The food grade stainless steel alignment plate makes positioning easy and the retaining cable assists installation. Just another tool Solimar provides to assist in the flow of your dry bulk materials by preventing bridging, rat holing and compacting while keeping personnel outside the bin, hopper or silo. Directional air flow forces air along bin wall, Gentle vibration keeps product flowing - No airline plugging - Patented disks seal tightly - Durable design will not tear.
Solimar Fast-Fit Kit
Material compatible - Silicone rubber in blue or white (FDA approved) or black or white EPDM - Temperatures to 450°F (230° C).

Versatility - Numerous combinations of stems, fittings and airlines - Models for high pressure/low volume air or low pressure/high volume air.

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Solimar External Installation Tool

Solimar Install Tool

Adding Solimar Fluidizers to new or existing silos, hoppers and bins is easy with the External Installation Tool. Now quickly install Solimar Disk-type aerators or plugs with this three-part system. A threaded end attaches to the stem of the disk-type aerator or plug. A quick-connect clip joins the cable from the threaded end to a wire lead that pulls the aerator or plug up through the discharge outlet or diverter. Thread the washer and nut over the Installation Tool to secure the Fluidizer and add air. The sturdy Installation Tool is reusable for years of service.

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Solimar Hopper Plug
Solimar Hopper Plug

Converting an aerated hopper to non-aerated discharge is now easy with the new Hopper Plug from Solimar. This high quality solution replaces aerators for sugar hauling, pneumatic trailers and vacuum, plastic pellet tanks. The aluminum plug comes with a threaded end to slide through the hole left by an aerator in the hopper bottom. A stainless steel lock washer and nut are included to complete installation. The bolt end is chamfered to provide a flat surface for a wrench to secure the bolt when tightening the nut. A through hole allows a security strap to be attached to prevent tampering. The polished metallic head of the plug fits flush with the hopper wall to prevent any hang-up of materials. Aerators can be re-installed by simply removing the plug.

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High Temp Mini-Fluidizer
High Temp Mini

The High-Temp version of the popular Mini-Fluidizer allows materials to be handled at up to 450°F (233° C). The two-inch diameter Mini Disk with exclusive Radial Ridge Design fits in pipes, chutes and small hoppers for more pneumatic conveying options. It keeps materials moving in pipes or tight chambers with curvatures as small as 4” (102 mm). In all applications, Solimar fluidizers prevent bridging, rat holing and material hang-ups.

Solimar Mini Fluidizers are available in a variety of silicone compounds each designated by distinct colors to match specific material handling requirements including high-temperature (orange) and food grade (blue or white).

Download Mini Silo Fluidizer SpecsNew Mini FluidizerInsist on genuine Solimar disks with
the trademarked Radial Ridge Design